Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Tolito, Another Post!

Can you believe I am actually doing another entry. All of you who are "good bloggers" I appreciate your patience!

We have been doing good here at the Bybee house. The last few months have been a blur due to going through my 1st trimester with our next child and the holidays. We are back on track now and I have some adorable photos of Boston to show everyone. I even have a few photos of our boy that is coming. Yep, a boy! June 23rd is the due date. We are very excited. Thought I don't know quite what to do with a boy which makes me nervous. . . 3 sisters and no brothers growing up didn't quite prepare me!

We have filled the last few months with trips to the Ranch snowmobiling and one to St. George to get out of the cold. Too bad the awesome winter weather usually follows us when we go down there. I have posted a video from that last trip. My sister Liz is a junior in high school and going to the dance with a choice date. She was trying on all her dress options for me and my Mom when suddenly Boston stripped down to her onesie. She could not understand why she couldn't put on the same dresses. It was really cute. T0 appease her my Mom grabbed an old dance skirt from the dress-ups and tied it high enough to be Steve Earkles pants. The video is pretty cute thought. She wants to be big so badly, it's amazing how fast they grow up.

Enjoy the video. I hope everything is going well with you and yours.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spudman- Another Trip

The Spudman is an Olympic distance Triathlon. Andrew wanted to enter this particular race with his brothers and brother-in-law because you get to swim down river. The current is pretty helpful for those who don't usually swim. :-) He knows his strengths at least.

So we left on Friday and drove the 4 hours to a town that has tourism once a year, during the Spudman. Burley, Idaho. It actually was nice and quaint. We set our tent up along with about 20 other families in a park off the main road, across from one of the transition stations.

It actually would have been fine . . . except I am NOT a camper (tent camper) especially not with a baby. After this trip my opinion on the topic was reaffirmed!

We cosily settled in for an early bedtime because the guys were waking up at 5 am to get to their stations on time. Boston did great for the first 2.5 hours. So she slept from 8:30-11:00pm. Then she started to stir. Without a crib she quickly crawled between me and Andrew and started saying . . . Dadd- ie. (Very cute, but very loud in a silent park with very serious athletes wanting to get very serious sleep).

I bet you all know where this is going. So good-ol' Mom (non-triathlon participant) heroically tried to silence and put the baby back to sleep. She gets kicked, whacked (un-intentionally), and hair-pulled in the process.

12 am- Still awake.

1 am- Still awake with baby getting louder.

2 am- Mom gives up. Plays with baby in car (so she doesn't keep everyone else up) for 3 HOURS, at which time baby finally decides it is night-time and she is tired.

5-6am- Sleep.

6am- Everyone up.

If my addition is right that means dear sweet Boston let me (MOM) sleep a total of 3.5 hours. It was a blast!


Besides that little set back it was a good day. The sister-in-laws were great and we had a fun time running from station to station together. I actually was able to function and Andrew did awesome for his first Olympic distance triathlon. You swim 1 mile, bike approx. 25 miles, and run a 10k. It is pretty grueling. It was nice to be there to support him but unfortunately I think in coming years he might be making the trip alone unless a hotel is furnished.

I have attached some photos of him for your enjoyment.

Ranch Adventures

Our next trips have been fun weekends at "The Ranch". Boston is a four-wheeler fanatic. She isn't scared of speed, bumps, bad weather, or animals. She even wants to steer! Scary. That baby grip can be strong.
Anyways. We ride horses, fourwheelers, work on farming type projects, and relax. My parents are so nice to let us enjoy it all!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Second Summer Adventure

Our next adventure took us back East to Kirtland (almost said Kirkland . . . no we did not go to Costco) anyways, we also hit up New York and Palmyra. All of them were such great places and so different.

We had a great tour guide in Kirtland who took us in chronological order to the sites that Joseph Smith visited. It was really neat to trace his footsteps and see the faith it took for him to keep going despite humble and very trying circumstances. Boston liked our walk along the Quarry trail the best where they got the stone for the temple.

New York City, our next stop, was quite the contrast to the quaint, tree-filled, Kirtland. Andrew LOVED it. He had never seen such a metropolis before. I had already been to most of the sites a few years before we were married, so he let me and my sisters shop while he took a day of site-seeing. (It's amazing how much ground you can cover in NY without a baby). I must say I have a new talent to list on any "tell me about yourself sheets" that come along . . . can navigate large stroller through New York City Streets/Sidewalks and not DIE.

Awesome View from our Room

Palmyra was our last stop and my favorite. I love the feeling that presided there. I felt so sure of my membership in the LDS Church and that this special place was where it all began.

Near Sacred Grove, outside Smith Home.

Palmayra Temple

I loved the Sacred Grove too. Our tour guide told us to watch out for Poison Ivy though and said it was everywhere along the trail. I saw some wild raspberries as we were walking and couldn't resist. Later on some people pointed out what it looked like and I was MORTIFIED! It look so much like the wild raspberries. I was sure I had poison ivy and spent the next 2 hours stressing until it didn't develop. Phew! Could you imagine sitting on an airplane for 5 hours with poison ivy. No thank you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It Begins. . .

Wow, this is a true commitment. My first entry on our family blog site. Who would've ever thought it would be so intimidating. Now people will visit expecting to see new posts, etc. . . just remember it didn't have anything on it for the first 2 months I had the name reserved. So, keep the expectations in check. :)

We have had a great summer this year. I wouldn't have thought trips could still be as much fun while carrying extra bags, food for a week, a portacrib, medicine, etc. But, of course, having Boston along on them was the best part. She is so facinated with the world, and gets so much joy out of the simplest things (I know I can learn from that)

Our first big adventure was Pirates Cove in Boulder, NV. My Uncle Craig was very gracious to let the family enjoy a fun-filled week in Pirate Paradise! We did waterslides, swimming, boating, and relaxing. It was great. Boston had a blast.

Boston's Cute Cousins after the Treasure Hunt